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Experience a Galactic expression of your story with our Drone Shows

Why choose LUNA LITE?

The Future of light show drones are here. Fast, secure, bright and dynamic!

LunaLite's Spectacular HISTORIC 1000 Drone Show at Miami's Christmas Wonderland! A first for Florida

The world's Five Star Rated Drone Entertainment Package!

LunaLite, a US and Caribbean based Drone Light show company, uses high performance drones with ultra-bright LEDs visible from miles away. Our drones are compact, lightweight and responsive with precise drone positioning. With our dedicated drone management software, we create the most awe-inspiring presentations for special events, venues, public celebrations.

We also implement permanent installations at venues , theme parks, and special long term activations

Advanced technology at the forefront of the industry.

Our aerial light shows showcase the best of your brand by highlighting your aerial logos, brand messaging and more in an unparalleled way.


Our objective is straightforward: to craft the most captivating, emotional, and awe-inspiring experience for those in attendance.


Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to stand steadily anchored to the ground with our focus on the behaviour of our drone swarms.


Number one concern for shows is safety. LunaLite coordinates with the FAA, City Officials, the venue, and law enforcement for a seamless execution. Protecting people, property and personnel.


Traditional fireworks and spotlights may gain interest, but imagine your brand soaring hundreds of feet in the air – instant recognition by thousands in and outside your venue. We can also present a URL or a functional QR code in the skies.

We are Global

Supported By World's Renowned Venture Capital's

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