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St Kitts and Nevis Celebrates 40 Years with LunaLite Drone Light Show!

The standout attraction of this year’s ceremonial parade during the St. Kitts and Nevis 40th Independence celebration was the mesmerizing drone display, hosted by LunaLite, which beautifully depicted the rich history of the Twin Island Federation.

The annual Independence Day Ceremonial Parade took place at the Warner Park Stadium, commencing on the evening of Monday, September 18, and extending into the early hours of Independence Day, Tuesday, September 19.

As is tradition, the parade featured a magnificent exhibition of pride and patriotism from both the armed and unarmed units, all to the delight of the hundreds of enthusiastic onlookers in the stands.

The spectacle of numerous drones illuminating the night sky marked a truly remarkable moment. Thousands of spectators were thrilled to witness this historic event, capturing the experience through photos and videos. Embracing advancing technology, the nation is thrilled to keep up with progress and ensure it remains at the forefront. The parade, featuring dedicated soldiers and many others, was executed with exceptional precision.

The government of St. Kitts and Nevis expressed immense pride in partnering with LunaLite Drone Show Technologies for this groundbreaking event. “Together, we not only celebrated our nation’s 40th Independence Day but also showcased the incredible potential of drone technology in our celebrations,” they stated.

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